Services & Equipment

Michigan Hoppers

Dobbin Transportation offers Michigan Hopper service between Ontario and Michigan with the ability to carry up to 40 MT (92,000 lbs) of payload. The most common commodities transported are corn, beans, wheat and various feed ingredients.
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Dobbin Transportation offers 53′, tandem-axle walking floor service throughout Canada and the US. The company has the ability to transport all types of bulk ingredients and unload into a pile or a pit. The advantage of using a walking floor is both convenience and safety. The walking floor accommodates both hopper locations as well as dump trailer locations without the risks associated with a dump trailer.Walking floor service is also convenient for unloading skidded freight without the need for a loading dock. The skids can easily be walked to the back of the trailer so that a fork lift can unload them from the ground, which is convenient for job site deliveries. Tandem axle walking floor service is a good alternative to certain flat bed applications.WALKING FLOOR is a registered trademark of KEITH Mfg. Co.
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Ontario, R-TAC Hoppers

Dobbin Transportation offers bulk hopper service from coast to coast in Canada with the ability to carry 43 MT of payload.
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53′ Step Deck

Dobbin Transportation provides 53′ step deck service throughout Canada and the US.
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53′ Dry Van Service
Dobbin Transportation is licensed for all of Canada and the US offering full load and LTL, 53′ dry van service throughout. All trailers are equipped with logistic posts and logistic bars.
 bar2 Dump Trailer Service
Dobbin Transportation offers multi-axle dump trailer service throughout Ontario, Michigan and Toledo, OH.
 bar2 Tandem Hopper Services
DobbinTransportation offers tandem hopper service for bulk commodities throughout the entire United States.
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